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Red Raider baseball falls to West Virginia in Game 1 of the series

Texas Tech is now 1-3 in conference play

The No. 9 Texas Tech Red Raiders fell to the West Virginia Mountaineers on Thursday night in Rip Griffin Park.

Davis Martin was first on the mound. In six innings he had 91 pitches and allowed the only run of the night. Ty Harpenau took over for Martin in the seventh inning. He allowed no hits and no runs in three innings and 41 pitches.

Farhat had the first hit of the game on a single to centerfield followed by Jung’s single to left field, and a walk by Little to load the bases; however, the Red Raiders attempt to score was cut short. Sadly, this was not the only time this happened in the game. They had plenty of double plays and even some bunt attempts, but in the end it was just not enough.

In other news, Keenan Evans & Justin Gray threw out the ceremonial first pitch for the night and they weren’t bad at all.

The Red Raiders face the Mountaineers in Game 2 of the series on Friday at 6:30 pm in Rip Griffin Park.