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Matador Mailbag: Beard’s not done, Kingsbury’s most important season, and Al’s favorite creature

Mailbag takes on new management and y’all had questions (some strange) that needed to be answered.

I know this is what we’ve all been waiting for, the Matador Mailbag is finally back. We took a bit of a hiatus during the basketball season but now it is time to bring this jewel back because I know the people have questions, and unfortunately not just about our wonderful basketball team, but also about our mediocre football team. I, Albie Shore, am taking over the mailbag for the foreseeable future from Ryan Smith who did a fantastic job with it during football season. My only rule is that you follow @Mr_AlbieShore on twitter and tell me how much you hate my opinions afterwards.

Keenan Evans’ presence on our team was so large that many people didn’t realize just how much of an offensive force Jarret Culver had become. This all came together in the West Virginia game where Evans didn’t play and Culver had a career high 23 points. Culver will be getting the star touches that Evans got next year and will be looked at as an offensive leader. His biggest problem from here on out will be consistency and confidence. There were time this past year where he look unsure of himself, I don’t expect to see much of this going forward as he matures as a player.

You better believe it. Beard has already done a tremendous job in this recruiting cycle nabbing Deshawn Corprew, Kyler Edwards, and the highest rated Red Raider commit in Tech history in Khavon Moore. Not to mention getting the transfer of C.J. Roberts who is already on campus. That leaves Beard with two (depending on Zhaire’s decision, possibly three) scholarships to play with. Frankie Policelli and Tariq Owens are two names to be on the lookout for. Policelli is a stretch four with range from New York. He was expected to stay on the east coast but his recruitment to Tech has picked up steam and now I’m willing to bet a trip to the South Plains could reel him in. Owens is a grad transfer from St. Johns and previously Tennesee. Owens would be a perfect Zach Smith replacement, as his athleticism down low and mid range shooting could be exactly what this team would need next year. Owens has Tech in his final three along with Western Kentucky and Maryland.

In the Michigan vs. Loyola-Chicago matchup, I really want to say the fighting Sister Jeans but I cannot. The Cinderella team almost always loses their national semifinal game to the better opponent. Michigan is also arguably the hottest team in the country so I simply cannot bet against Beilein here. I’ve said all season long that Villanova is the best team in the country. I even have them winning it all in my bracket, so yes, I have them beating Kansas in the semis and then Michigan in the finale. Too much talent and too much quality play from the Wildcats. Tech fans should know first hand.

Minotaurs don’t get the love they rightfully deserve. The body of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the head of a raging bull. It’s everything that a Longhorn wishes it was but can’t be. Also a Minotaur is basically Benny the Bull and who doesn’t love Benny the Bull?

This season is big for Kingsbury because his buyout is no longer an issue. After this season, his buyout is just a little over four million dollars, which in the college coaching world is not a large sum. One one hand Kingsbury has the most experienced and talented defense he’s ever had, with an O-Line that is returning everyone and adding reinforcements. On the other hand he has no idea who will be throwing the ball or who will be catching the ball. This season is a big question mark Tristan but I do not believe in ever settling. As a program we should expect eight wins and not be satisfied if we fall short. Do I think this team is good enough to get to eight wins? Absolutely, do I think they’ll actually achieve it? Ehhh.

I’m excited about the trenches on defense more than anything else. Tagging beside big man Broderick Washington at DT will either be big Joe Wallace, big Nick Mccann or grad transfer big Preston Gordon. It’s always good to have DTs with “big” in front of their name. Not to mention another year from our ends who seemed to get better as last year went on. Lonzell Gilmore, Eli Howard, and Tony Jones will be able to get after opposing QBs and as a former DE, I am here for it.

Da’Leon Ward vs Tre King has become the marquee position battle in my eyes. Ward has seemed to finally get out from Kingsbury’s dog house and is ready to take the reigns of this battle. I personally have always felt that Ward is the most talented back on roster and from the few clips I have seen from the scrimmage and practice, he seems to be ready to attack again. Next year we will see a running back by committee feel with Ward, King, Desmon Nisby, Demarcus Felton and speed back freshman Ta’Zhawn Henry all available to get carries, however the victor of the Ward-King battle will get the bulk of the workhorse amount.

Our Italian writer Andrea has a pretty sick goatee. If you were thinking I’d say @HoopsEsquire, then you’re sadly mistaken.