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BREAKING: Four Texas Tech football players arrested this morning

Four potential starters going into this season were arrested this morning on the count of Criminal Mischief.

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Kansas Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

This morning, four Texas Tech football players were arrested in Lubbock, Texas. Those players, Jett Duffey, Desmond Smith, Quan Shorts, and Christian Taylor, were all with the team yesterday during the scrimmage in Midland.

Jett Duffey had already been on thin ice with Coach Kliff Kingsbury, as he was suspended from the team last spring for another off the field incident. Duffey is currently competing with McLane Carter among others for the starting quarterback job.

Desmond Smith is a two year starter at the cornerback position and is expected to improve this year. This is his first known off the field incident. Quan Shorts is competing for time at the Wide Receiver position, as he caught 9 passes for 109 yards and 2 touchdowns last season for the Red Raiders. Christian Taylor is a linebacker on the team.

We do hope this is a huge misunderstanding and that in time, all of these players will be allowed to return to the team. Although only Taylor and Duffey had a charge attached to their names in the Lubbock County jail’s database, it appears all of the players were taken in for criminal mischief, a misdemeanor offense.