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The Air Raid Podcast #126: Basketball Edition - West Virginia

Texas Tech on a four game losing streak looks ahead to Big 12 and NCAA tournaments


A sobering thought now compared with just a few weeks ago, that despite being 1st in the Big 12 at one point, a possible #2 seed in the NCAA tournament and Texas Tech’s first conference title in basketball since joining the Big 12 just within reach, Texas Tech finds themselves limping towards the finish line uncertain of how things will play out in the post-season. A projected #4 seed is nice, but makes the road to that much more difficult and the hopes that Keenan Evans will be 100% in just a few weeks time is hopeful at best. The return of Zach Smith helps, but he too is not 100%. And as good as this team is with Jarrett Culver and Zhaire Smith, Tech looks out of sorts without their senior leaders on the court.