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This is the most talented Red Raider team of all time

It’s the first time since 1994 Tech has had four legitimate NBA prospects on the team, and this group would crush them

NCAA Basketball: Iowa State at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

I’m not one for hyperbole—well, maybe at times—but I can say without fear of contradiction this is the best Texas Tech basketball team in the history of the program.

Think back to the 1994-1995 season. That was the last time Tech had four future NBA players all on the same squad. Tony Battie, the best of the bunch, was only a freshman and averaged four points and four rebounds. Darvin Ham wasn’t getting much action as a junior, averaging seven points and four rebounds that season. The leaders of the team were Jason Sasser (20 points, eight rebounds), Mark Davis (17 points, eight rebounds) and Lance Hughes (17 points, four rebounds).

Battie went on to have an extensive career in the NBA, playing for six teams over the course of 15 years. Ham played in the league for eight years, while Sasser and Davis played for six. Talent-wise, that was the greatest Tech team of all time.

Fast forward 24 years and that group has been superseded by the likes of Keenan Evans, Jarrett Culver and Zhaire Smith—three players with legitimate NBA potential, not just D-League (openly defying Gatorade there) scrubs. It’s actually four NBA talents if you include Zach Smith, who remains out with injury.

If the 2017-2018 Tech team played the 1994-1995 Tech team, it’d be a bloodbath. The Red Raiders may have some trouble locking down the 6’11 Battie, but he wasn’t much of a factor during his freshman year.

There was no one even close to possessing the athleticism Zhaire Smith has, and none of those players could take over a game and drop 38 points like Keenan Evans can. Hughes was the only of the aforementioned players who shot above 33 percent from three-point land. Tech’s current roster has five players playing 15 minutes or more who shoot 35 percent or better. Oh, and Brandone Francis is hitting threes at a ridiculous 44 percent clip.

So. Much. Talent.

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