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VIDEO: post Iowa State press conference

Coach Beard was very satisfied for the umpteenth victory, and we are too

NCAA Basketball: Iowa State at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

After his team obtained its twentieth victory of the year, and the eighth in the BIg 12, coach Beard had his usual postgame press conference. It was an occasion to discuss many aspects of the game, including the good answer that the crowd had on a weekday.

He started with an appreciation to his assistants at all levels, who work as hard as the players do, and went on talking about the strategies his team had to adopt once it was clear that the long-distance shooting wasn’t working. In addition, he spent some words about the new aggression his team is showing, as once again the Red Raiders were extremely effective in the paint.

The players who earned the Podium honors were senior guard Niem Stevenson, and freshman Jarrett Culver, who scored 16 points. The first discussed his role during the game, and the latter dwelled on the defensive effort that allowed the Red Raiders to regain momentum after Iowa State erased its first-half gap.