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Texas Tech Baseball Top 10 Players: No. 10 Gabe Holt

The Freshman from Georgia starts off our countdown.

Perfect Game

Baseball season is almost upon us and the Texas Tech Red Raiders are set to possibly enjoy one of the greatest seasons in program history. Coming off two straight Big 12 Championships, Tech coach Tim Tadlock has the players he needs to potentially go all the way this year.

This year’s team will be missing some key players that have moved on like Hunter Hargrove, Orlando Garcia, Ryan Long and Tanner Gardner, but still retain a large core of the team. With this team remaining intact for the most part, who are the main players we will lean on this year? Who will be the infielder fielding a groundball to help win the Big 12, or the batter hitting a home run to send us to the College World Series or the pitcher pitching a shutout to win the whole thing?

All the writers at VTM voted on which players were most valuable going into the 2018 season. From that we came up with the top 10 players for Texas Tech baseball, and coming in at No. 10, we have a freshman from the deep south who will need to quickly get acclimated to Big 12 baseball.

10. Gabe Holt, INF


5’11” 160 lb

Bonaire, GA

Gabe Holt was the prize recruit of the 2017 class for Tadlock. Holt comes in with high praise and is someone who can play for this Red Raider team right away. With a log jam in the infield, look for Holt to emerge likely at second base.

His defense will be a delight as his quick feet and hands will be able to get runners out consistently. His arm strength will be interesting to watch as Tadlock may decide to give him some playing time in the outfield as he matures.

His batting will be what will set him apart this year. With his foot speed expect Holt to be able to beat out some balls and get on base. If he can avoid freshman mistakes, Holt can be someone special.