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VIDEO: post TCU press conference

“The conference schedule starts in February, so we’re 1-0” said coach Beard

NCAA Basketball: Texas Tech at Texas Christian Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Few minutes after the Red Raiders obtained their nineteenth victory of the season, defeating TCU 83-71 after an impressive first half (48-24), coach Chris Beard, Lubbock-native freshman Jarrett Culver, and senior Keenan Evans spoke with the media in Fort Worth.

Coach Beard was obviously satisfied with his team’s performance, in particular with what he saw in the first half and how his players finished it. This was a difference from the game against Texas, as in that game the Red Raiders had problems to manage final minutes of both halves and almost lost for this reason.

Alongside with him, Culver was satisfied both for his performance and the team effort that allowed the team to have a dominant start, while Evans wasn’t worried he scored his first points after more than 15 minutes because his teammates were having a good night.