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Who Tech fans should root for in Super Bowl 52

New England may be evil, but they do have Red Raiders on the team.

Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

It’s the greatest holiday in America. A joyous time for family and friends to come together and look back on the year we just had and cherish the time spent. No, I’m not talking about Christmas, I’m talking about the REAL greatest holiday in America, Super Bowl Sunday.

Nothing beats Super Bowl Sunday, you get to get together with friends, families, coworkers, in-laws, acquaintances, people you may not even like very much, and celebrate things that set this country apart from every one else: massive amounts of unhealthy food, celebrity appearances, wacky commercials, Justin Timberlake, and large human beings hitting each other for four hours trying to get to a ball originally made from a swine’s exterior.

This year’s Super Bowl is still a spectacle as the greatest quarterback to ever live takes on a young team with a tough defense led by a quarterback no one has faith in. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, despite season long rumors of their tension, has once again found their way to the big show. This will be their eight appearance together, the most by any quarterback or head coach.

On the other side is Nick Foles and Doug Pederson, both young and inexperienced in their craft, but worked hard to get here. Foles initially took the league by storm in his second NFL season under Chip Kelly before quickly being figured out and sent to the bench......and then to the Rams......and the Chiefs.......before being sent back to Eagles where he took over for an injured Carson Wentz. He has led the Eagles to a place where they’ve only been with Ron Jaworski and Donovan Mcnabb and has the chance to outdo both of them. Pederson, in his second year as head coach, has made this Eagles offense a force and has been able to pair it with an already dominant defense.

Super Bowl quick facts

Date: February 4, 2018

Time: 5:30 p.m. CST

AFC Champ: New England Patriots (13-3)

NFC Champ: Philadelphia Eagles (13-3)

Location: U.S. Bank Stadium / Minneapolis, MN

TV/Stream: NBC

Vegas: NE -4, O/U 48.5

When it comes to Texas Tech fans, there are many reasons for us to watch the Super Bowl and they are all on the Patriots side of things. Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury used to play quarterback under Bill Belichick and behind Tom Brady and still has a relationship with both to this day.

Former Red Raider LaAdrian Waddle is the back in the big show and has played in 13 games for the Pats this season. Waddle had been battling a knee sprain that kept him out of the AFC Championship game but he’s been cleared to go Sunday.

Not to mention one of Tech’s favorite sons Danny Amendola has become Tom Brady’s favorite target. Dola was a huge part of the Patriots come-from-behind victory over the Jaguars, and has led the way among the Pats wide-outs.

Also who could forget having both Danny Amendola and Rob Gronkowski sending a video to Justus Parker informing and congratulating him on earning a scholarship.

This all is a plethora of reasons why as Tech fans we should root for the Patriots this Sunday right?


The Eagles are the epitome of everything we love as Red Raiders. They’re the underdog, they’re the team that no one expected to be here, and they’re the team that no one gives a chance. As Texas Tech fans, we get sick and tired of Texas fans and Oklahoma fans and Texas A&M fans speak about their history, and their prestige and blah blah blah. Nothing makes us feel better than when we can just shut them up and go another year without them patting themselves on the back.

Yes I know Eagles fans are crazy, rowdy, rambunctious, and unapologetic. I would argue that that is how most of the Big 12 would describe Tech fans. These fans have suffered for a long time having never won a Super Bowl, and many of them thought this year was just another year of “Typical Philly” (Sound familiar), but now they have the opportunity to change that and do something that has never been done before in their franchise history which is win a Super Bowl.

How can you not root for that? We can still hope that Amendola and Waddle have great games while wanting the Pats to falter. As Red Raiders we identify with the Eagles, we know their pain and their hurt and can enjoy seeing them knock off someone as high and mighty as the Patriots.

That is unless you’re a Cowboys fan, in which you should never root for the Eagles under any circumstance.

Who are you rooting for this Sunday and why? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


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