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How long can Tech baseball remain undefeated?

After a blazing 9-0 start, the Red Raiders are just 25 more wins away from beating the 1977 Texas Longhorns’ NCAA record of 34 victories to begin a season.

Scorching hot hitters, tremendous bullpen depth and consistency from starting pitching has been the key to Texas Tech’s unprecedented 9-0 start to the season - the best start in school history.

But with the team’s ace Stephen Gingery injured, how long can the Red Raiders keep this streak alive?

Only time will tell, but the bullpen has held up nicely and the Tech lineup has produced enough runs to take significant pressure off the pitching staff.

The 1977 Texas Longhorns team holds the record for consecutive wins to begin a season with 34, a record unlikely to ever be broken. But it’s certainly not impossible.

Here’s a look at the next 10 games on Tech’s schedule:

  • Four games against South Alabama in Lubbock
  • One game against New Mexico in Lubbock
  • Three games against Kentucky in Lexington
  • Two games against Louisville in Louisville.

I don’t think it’d be too ambitious to say the Red Raiders can sweep all five of their next games at home, but it seems highly unlikely they can escape a trip to Kentucky against two really strong programs without dropping a game or two.

Best case scenario, I think Tech will go 17-0 before losing a game, it’d be their third matchup against Kentucky. Worst case would be dropping any of the home games against South Alabama.

What do YOU think?


What will Tech’s record be before they lose their first game?

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