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VIDEO: pre Oklahoma State press conference

Coach Beard and Justin Gray shared their thoughts before travelling to Stillwater

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday, coach Chris Beard and senior Justin Gray spoke with the media before the team left for Stillwater, where tonight, Wednesday, it will face Oklahoma State. The press conference was an interesting occasion to give a last look to the Baylor game and to talk about the challenges the Red Raiders are going to face.

Coach Beard shared his esteem for coach Mike Boynton Jr., who’s working well in his first year, and said he respects the Cowboys, a team that had some important victories (at Kansas and at West Virginia) in February. In addition, he gave updates on Keenan Evans’ status for this last part of the season.

Justin Gray decided to talk once again about the game against Baylor, applauding the defensive effort the team had, as the Bears only scored 59 points, but unfortunately, the offense was stagnant and unable to take good shots and attack the rim.