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HIGHLIGHTS: No. 3 Texas Tech - New Mexico State 12-0

The Red Raiders still missed a shutout, and they delivered it on Tuesday, watch it again!

After the bad news pitcher Steven Gingery will miss the remainder of the season with a torn UCL, the Red Raiders took the field on Tuesday to face New Mexico State. It was the first of a four-game series that will be played always on this weekday, with game two scheduled in Lubbock, game three in Las Cruces (NM), and game four in Midland (TX).

Texas Tech delivered a solid performance both offensively, scoring 12 runs with a six-run fifth inning and a five-run eighth inning, and on the mound, as four pitchers only allowed total four hits over the entire game.

After one laborious inning as a reliever on Friday, pitcher Ryan Shetter came back to his usual starter position and allowed one hit in six innings, well emulated by Caleb Kilian, Dane Haveman, and Nick Candelari. At the plate, third baseman Josh Jung had three hits, while designed hitter Bryan Klein, and left fielder Grant Little both had three RBIs.

Here you can see the highlights of the game: