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Tech finishes off Maine in four-game sweep

This team is looking as promising as we’d all hoped.

Liz Rodriguez

Opening weekend was a success for the Texas Tech Red Raiders as they continued their winning streak over the Maine Black Bears on Sunday by an impressive score of 21-6.

For the second game in a row, Texas Tech managed to score nine runs in a single inning putting the Red Raiders in a lead over the Black Bears early in the game. Also impressive was Josh Jung’s third home run of the season.

Pitcher Erikson Lanning was relieved by Jose Quezada in the third inning after allowing six runs and three hits for the Black Bears. Quezada earned an immediate strike out to end the inning.

The fourth inning was scoreless allowing the red raiders to keep the lead. Klein opened the bottom of the fifth with a double off the left field wall which would later allow him to score thanks to Koelzer standup triple to the wall in right-center. Quezada was relieved by Caleb Freeman in the sixth without allowing a single hit, run or error. The inning remained scoreless under Freeman.

Red Raiders were hit by a pitch a total of eight times on Sunday. Cameron Warren was hit four times, for a total of six times over the weekend. The last one worried fans after the ball hit his hand. He remained in the game however giving fans a sliver of hope. Farhat was hit twice in this game while Jung and Willems were hit once.

Bases remained loaded for most of the game in favor of the Red Raiders. Warren managed to finally hit the ball instead of the other way around in the 7th inning and with the bases loaded the Red Raiders managed another run. They led the game 15-6 at the bottom of the 7th.

Ryan Sublette was the fourth pitcher for the Red Raiders on Sunday. He managed another scoreless inning in the eighth. To finish the game, the Red Raiders used Connor Queen as the fifth pitcher. He managed a quick and easy ninth inning with no hits, no runs, no errors, and not a soul on base.

With just four games into the season, things are looking pretty promising for the Red Raiders.