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Red Raider Ravioli: a loss means nothing

Losing Keenan for some games would be another thing, though.


il sole (“the sun”) doesn’t shine as bright as in the last weeks, but it’s always high in the sky, and now I’ll explain you why (I did the rhyme!).

Let’s start with the most recent thing: the Red Raiders lost to Baylor and Keenan Evans was injured. One thing can be important and scary, the other shouldn’t worry us so much.

Obviously, and even more obvious if you read the title, the loss against the Bears isn’t the most frightening fact, and indeed we can find many promising indications, as the players fought and only lost by two points against the third best team (in this moment) of the Big 12 without their leader, the man who took the important shots when it was necessary, the charismatic player.

NCAA Basketball: Texas Tech at Baylor Andrew Dieb-USA TODAY Sports

The situation will be completely different if Keenan’s problems (whatever they are, there’s no indication about the severity of his injury) will force him to miss some weeks, as this would completely redraw the Texas Tech scenario concerning the Big 12 title and the postseason.

Can the Red Raiders survive to Kansas and West Virginia without Evans? I’m not sure about that because the seniors haven’t many points in their hands, while Culver and Zhaire Smith are good scorers but at the same time, they’re too young to take the responsibility to lead an entire offense.

NCAA Basketball: Texas Tech at Baylor Andrew Dieb-USA TODAY Sports

We can only wait and hope that good news will come.

Hey, did you know that baseball season started again? The Red Raiders are ranked third in the nation and started their 2018 with three straight victories over the not-so-compelling Maine Black Bears.

Viva theMatadors will cover their season like probably has never done before, with previews, reviews, recaps, highlights, ranking, and a bunch of other funny things that you’ll discover during the week. Vuoi perdertelo? (“Do you want to miss it?”)

Alla prossima!