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VIDEO: post Baylor press conference

Keenan Evans’injury was obviously the most important thing in coach Beard’s words

NCAA Basketball: Texas Tech at Baylor Andrew Dieb-USA TODAY Sports

Few minutes after the Red Raiders lost to Baylor after a 7-game winning streak, coach Chris Beard and senior guard Justin Gray briefly spoke with the media, spending some words on a couple of topics.

Coach Beard started talking about the problems his team had in terms of solutions and efficiency, and that led to the loss, but the most important thing was Keenan Evans’injury. The coach said the player had a toe injury and that has to be analyzed, and that he loves to have his best players on the floor.

Sitting next to him, Justin Gray said that every player on the team is ready to face tough moments like injuries and close games, and focused on some positive aspects of the night, like outrebounding the best team of the Big 12 in this fundamental.