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The oblivious fan’s guide to Tech baseball

I don’t know what’s going on, but it sounds good

NCAA Baseball: College World Series-Florida vs Texas Tech Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

I started watching college football in the 90s. I remember Steve Spurrier and those Florida Gators vividly because the town I lived in’s mascot was also the Gator, so I gravitated towards them. I fell in love with the brashness of Miami football that brought them to back to back national title games and then while in high school watching Vince Young’s remarkable run.

I also started watching college basketball in the 90s. Antoine Walker walking around like the big man on campus at Kentucky was memorable to watching my favorite college player of all time Jay Williams help Duke win a national championship. I remember Andre Emmet’s dunk contest as well as Mario Chalmers’ miracle shot. These were all wonderful moments of my childhood.

One college sport I never got into was college baseball. Now this doesn’t mean I’m not a baseball fan. I have been a fan of the World Series Champion Houston Astros since before Enron Field was improperly named. It’s just that college baseball was never a thing for me. I didn’t grow up playing baseball or even T-ball for that matter. The only involvement I ever had with baseball was what was on TV and given that we had JUST gotten the basic cable package when I was in middle school, college baseball wasn’t ever an option.

Even while I was at Tech, I could count on one hand the amount of baseball games I went to. We weren’t necessarily world beaters and college baseball was never a thing to me. I did not start following college baseball until 2014, do you want to guess what happened that year?

Texas Tech Athletics

Am I a front runner? You doggone right I am, because I have never followed college baseball like the other two sports I can be an oblivious and unapologetic fan. I personally believe we are going to go 65-0 and win the College World Series. Why? Because I do not know enough about the sport to believe anything else, plus people around say that this team is pretty good. So from one oblivious fan to another, here is how you should go about this college baseball season.

Assume that we will win every game

Why not? Many times I have zero idea how good a team is. I have learned that certain programs like Vanderbilt, LSU, TCU are consistently good, but I don’t really know for sure. All I know is that no matter what, we’re the best and you know how I know that? Because I said so, wreck ‘em.

Attempt to watch more games throughout the season

Take it from someone who watches entire MLB games, baseball games can be long and drag on. However watching more games can only increase your knowledge about the team and the sport. Plus the sound - ping - that the ball makes off of the bat is quite fun to hear and is a good way to let you know something just happened. Wreck ‘em.

Only watch Tech games

Why should we attempt to bore ourselves with random games from teams we don’t care about. I hear that Penn State is playing Wisconsin, So? Do we really care? Of course not, we just got into this sport so we could root for Tech and make sure we can make up some lie about how we remember the hard work that Eric Gutierrez put in to lay the foundation for the 2018 College World Series Champion Texas Tech Red Raiders, wreck ‘em.

Last but never least, yell wreck ‘em after Red Raider victory

Nothing shouts Red Raider spirit like yelling wreck ‘em inexplicably after you just professed your love for the play that was exhibited. Sometimes just seeing another Red Raider on the street makes me want to throw my guns up and yell wreck ‘em and for them to acknowledge me and say it back. Much better than the weird tradition of sexually harassing your neighbor after your team scores points.

I’d rather yell wreck ‘em all the way to the National Championship. Wreck ‘em Tech