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Texas Tech baseball top 10 players: No. 5 Cody Farhat

Center field is in good hands, as long as there’s No. 1

Approaching the top of our list, we meet a player that in his sophomore season was simply outstanding, Cody Farhat. Not coincidentally,he was one of the four Red Raiders elected in the Big 12 All-Conference team, alongside Orlando Garcia, Hunter Hargrove, and Steven Gingery.

In 2016 Cody only had 23 appearances and 30 at-bats with a .167 AVG, but in 2017 he exploded with astonishing stats, as he hit .343/.569/.438. We also discovered him as an interesting base stealer: in 11 tries he had success in seven. In addition, he played stellar defense also in left field, a position he’ll probably definitely abandon to Grant Little.

Trying to be quite picky, we can note that despite a good size (6-feet-0, 195 pounds) he isn’t a power hitter, as he led the team in triples (six) and had ten doubles, but he only hit four home runs in his two years in Lubbock. If he’ll improve in this aspect of his game, he’ll be one of the cornerstones of this team.

In his defense, we can say he improved his peripherals, as he dropped his strikeout percentage by almost five points and increased his walk percentage by four points. These are indications of a clear improvement that we hope he’ll continue in 2018.