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Texas Tech opens February with 75/1 odds to win NCAA title

Red Raiders have same odds to win as TCU, Texas A&M, Florida State and Louisville

NCAA Basketball: Texas at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Despite wins against South Carolina and Texas in the past week, Texas Tech’s odds to win the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship dropped from 66/1 on January 3 to 75/1 today.

We last checked the board a month ago when Tech had just defeated Kansas in Lawrence, so it makes sense Tech’s odds dropped slightly despite the recent successes during the last week.

Michigan State remains the favorite to win it all, but you have to wonder if the distractions with Tom Izzo and all the allegations surrounding that program will affect their play on the court.

Kansas remains the favorite to win the national championship out of the Big 12, followed closely by Oklahoma and West Virginia. Check out the full list of odds below, courtesy of Bovada:

Odds to win 2018 NCAAA Title

Team Current Odds (2/1/18)
Team Current Odds (2/1/18)
Michigan State 5/1
Villanova 11/2
Duke 6/1
Purdue 7/1
Virginia 7/1
Arizona 16/1
Kansas 16/1
Oklahoma 18/1
Kentucky 20/1
West Virginia 25/1
Wichita State 25/1
Florida 28/1
Gonzaga 28/1
North Carolina 28/1
Cincinnati 33/1
Xavier 40/1
Arizona State 66/1
Auburn 66/1
Ohio State 66/1
St. Mary's CA 66/1
Florida State 75/1
Louisville 75/1
Michigan 75/1
Texas A&M 75/1
TCU 75/1
Texas Tech 75/1
Alabama 100/1
Butler 100/1
Clemson 100/1
Miami Florida 100/1
Missouri 100/1
Seton Hall 100/1
Tennessee 100/1
Creighton 125/1
Nevada 200/1
NC State 150/1
Rhode Island 200/1
SMU 200/1
Texas 200/1
USC 200/1