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Discussion: how much would you pay for a win Saturday?

We all hate the Longhorns. But how much would a win be worth to you?

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Texas John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Longhorns and Texas Tech Red Raiders have played each other 67 times.

Texas has won 50 of those games, and seven out of the last 10. The Red Raiders have never beaten the Longhorns more than twice in a row, so Tech could tie its longest win streak in school history over its rivals with a win Saturday.

Tech fans have always despised the Longhorns, citing a number of different factors, from how the UT faithful is really just a collection of Walmart fans who never attended the university, to their undeserving condescending attitudes, to their undeniable fair-weather nature.

That begs the question, how much would you, as a Tech fan, pay to put these guys in their place Saturday? I’m not just talking about winning the game, but even embarrassing them. Whatever you want. A 56-0 shutout? Sure. Or, if you want to stab them in the heart and twist the knife, how about a triple-overtime, one-point victory for Tech?

However you want it done, how much would you pay for a Red Raider win on Saturday?


How much would you pay for a Tech win vs. UT?

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  • 28%
    Less than $50
    (52 votes)
  • 21%
    Less than $200
    (40 votes)
  • 18%
    Around $500
    (34 votes)
  • 31%
    $1,000 or more. Screw them.
    (58 votes)
184 votes total Vote Now

If you don’t see an answer you like, or you want to explain why you voted the way you did, comment below! Very curious to see what fans have to say on this one.