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Anti-Preview: Texas Tech vs No. 17 Texas

The penalty is worth it! *horns down*

In a game that gave an entire half of promise, then ripped it away like the fleeting of breath from an injured lung, Texas Tech had its hands full against a rally from Oklahoma.

Kyler Murray was every bit an athlete as we expected him to be, but the real kink in the armor for Texas Tech came in the form of injuries. After a superb first half, Alan Bowman experienced a flare up of his previously collapsed lung and had to leave the remainder of the game. The vocal captain of the defense, Dakota Allen, was also dealing with a broken hand and picked up a supposed injury to his knee that took him out. The knock out turnover machine, Vaughnte Dorsey, had been pulled later in the game as well from a shoulder injury.

Despite the injuries, Texas Tech never really gave Oklahoma a lead it could feel safe with. Jett Duffey sputtered at times, sure, but the defense was able to step up and force punts from the Sooners that otherwise could have ended the game in the third/fourth quarter. Ending 51-46, Kliff Kingsbury and company have been left with a semi-salty taste in their mouths. With the season winding down and the team being one win way away from bowl eligibility, you can expect a hell of a fight in ANOTHER night game in Jones AT&T stadium against the most despicable, the most laudable, the most over-loved university in Texas (outside of that one cult)....


West Virginia v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Big flavor in a disappointingly small package. The number-sixes with extra mayonnaise had a relative rise this season after their distressing first loss against Maryland. After sitting 6-1, Texas have lost two in a row against Oklahoma State and West Virginia. Coach Tom Herman has received a lot of media attention over the most recent loss because of his insistence that QB Will Grier should have had his two-point conversion negated due to... taunting. Well Texas Tech certainly is no stranger to that department.

Either way, Sam Ehlinger and now Lil Jordan Humphrey have made it a vendetta for the burnt orange to reclaim the “pride” in their logo. Expect this game to be anything but amicable. Expect this Anti-Preview to be anything but logical.


In perusing the deep deep internet, I came across something that looked kind of nice. Above this text you will find something reminiscent to that of your childhood: a root beer float. Except since we are not all twelve years old, we can put some of the good stuff in it! Disclaimer: if you are the small majority that suffers from root beer tasting like toothpaste - I am so sorry and so confused by your plague.

To make this “We better beat the roots off of UT” float you need:

  • 2-3 Texas sized scoops butter pecan ice cream (or just vanilla if you’re... vanilla)
  • “I think it was about this much” of bourbon
  • Some of that alcoholic root beer.

Then get a tall chilled glass, add the ice cream, add the bourbon, fill the rest with alcoholic root beer.

Nothing says “of age” like putting alcohol in just about anything.


Texas beef, in any way shape or form you’ve gotta eat it up! Consider it as your civic duty just as much as voting yesterday was. If you’re going to be mobile for gameday then grab some burgers and stuff them in pouches. If you’ll have the chance to sit down and eat go to a BBQ place like Evie Mae’s or Rudy’s BBQ. Either way it seems like we’re on the same page.


This is THE game of the year. Whether there’s a lot on the line or not, it packs the same level of animosity year in and year out. Texas fans like to refer to Texas Tech as the “little brother” of UT but recent match ups have left the two as more akin to boxers trading punches until the bell. Texas Tech hasn’t won back to back games against the number-sixes with extra mayonnaise since 1997-1998, but with the game this year being in Lubbock as well as at night there lies ample opportunity. The match ups have been incredibly exciting the past four years as well, seeing big moments like Douglas Coleman’s 99 yard fumble recovery for a touchdown:

There was also Justus Parker’s crucial interception last year in Austin that set up what would be the game winning touchdown:

And who could forget the little man, big world package that decimated Texas’ chance at a comeback in the form of the speediest Jakeem Grant they would ever meet:

I fully expect there to be a moment etched into the Texas Tech lore of this rivalry on Saturday night.


  1. Coach Tom Herman is undoubtedly the “BIGGEST JACKASS IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL.” What? That’s the title of the article, and rightly so! Most pertinently he questioned the legitimacy of the 2-point conversion by Will Grier that lost the game for Texas:

Seemingly harmless, and possibly workable from the NCAA guidelines, Herman doesn’t come out this clean. And whyyyy doesn’t he come out clean? Because of this:

If you’re going to be the coach of a team, be the coach of a team. If you’re going to be a child, be a child. You can’t do both.

2. The Texas players are also getting triggered from other teams embracing the horns down sign.

Keep in mind that they don’t disrespect other schools. If they did then it would actually make sense why people throw the horns down, but they don’t. Consider me bewildered.

3. “The Longhorn network has pretty much meant the Big 12 is the only Power Five Conference without an exclusive network.” - from @eracer41

4. Burnt orange? Your pride in a made up color is disillusioned by the reality that it is actually very, very bad.

5. “I absolutely abhor how Tom Herman chews gum on the sidelines.” - from @ZachMasonSports

6. “Jessep, you still suck” - from @SarahHarris194

7. “I just really hate how any argument (with Longhorn fans) starts with “How many national championships does your football team have?” ... But they haven’t won a national championship in how long?” - from @_LizzRodriguez

8. “The only reason (Texas’) enrollment is high is because of 6th street. Plus, it looks like they have a lot of fans but really Longhorn shirts are cheap at Walmart.” - from @allicox14

9. “Their campus is very meh. Also, who the hell calls their color “burnt orange”? That’s dumb as hell.” - from @Mr_AlbieShore


At the end of the day, it’s Texas Tech versus Texas; a rising program versus a program trying to reclaim prestige; Joe Frazier versus Muhammad Ali; the ‘51 Giants versus the Dodgers... you get it. It’s the most underrated match up in the Big 12 but just as meaningful as Bedlam is to Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. We get up for this game.