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Call to action: Let’s get those Horns down

Texas has been very sensitive about this lately, so do it more.

Bethany Hocker-USA TODAY Sports

I was raised a Longhorn, and thus only root against them once a year. So in a normal year, I only experience a fraction of the hate most Tech fans feel. But lately, Texas has just been unbearable.

The spark has been the general cry baby attitude coming out of Austin about the Horns down sign. It started with Herman being a total hypocrite after West Virginia stole a win at Texas this past weekend.

By now we should all be aware of Same Ehlinger’s deleted tweet, and now we have this quote from Lil’ Jordan Humphrey.

The arrogance and hypocrisy of this reeks. You’re telling me Texas doesn’t taunt other schools or players on the field? They just don’t have such an easy hand sign to use to do it.

We can argue if the Horns down constitutes taunting for the players and by rule a fifteen-yard penalty. I would argue that this is football, not tennis at the country club and being polite or nice is not required. But if Herman wants to whine about it to get that call, then it is our jobs as fans to bring the hurt.

So throw it up at every player you see warming up, throw it at their fans, throw it at their managers. If this gets in their heads so badly, pay the rent to live up in there. Of all the ways to taunt Texas, this is family-friendly and, apparently, incredibly effective.

So Red Raiders, fill Lubbock with the Horns down. Let them know how you feel without using any naughty words. It’s Texas Hate week, time to get on board.