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Halftime Update: Tech down 10-6 at the break

Texas Tech trying to gain some energy in the second half

Texas Tech v TCU Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Texas Tech will secure a bowl appearance with a win but there will need to be serious adjustments in the second half to do so. The Red Raiders trail Kansas State 10-6 at the half. In the absence of Alan Bowman, Jett Duffey has passed for 103 yards in the first half of play, but has had a number of problems accompanying his performance. Through multiple errors and a fumbled snap on a fourth down - Duffey is making it difficult for himself and the offense to really get anything going.

Bright spots for the offense are T.J Vasher and Antoine Wesley. Vasher has five catches for 58 yards and Antoine Wesley has 28 receiving yards. Clayton Hatfield is the lone scorer for Texas Tech with two field goals before the break.

So far the defense has preformed well enough for a regular Texas Tech offense to secure a game - but without the regular Texas Tech offensive feel, this team is going to need a lot more effort from the quarterback position to get this game on the right track.