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The 2OT: To bowl or not to bowl?

Would you rather Texas Tech play in a “toilet bowl” game or not go “bowling” at all?

The Though.

As the 2017-2018 football season slowly comes to a close, Texas Tech is looking for bowl eligibility this weekend. Fans are convinced that the Red Raiders can achieve this goal, but the phrase “toilet bowl” has been thrown around a lot in the last few weeks. It is not the first time we this phrase has been used to describe a Texas Tech bowl game appearance. The term has been used plenty since Kliff Kingsbury took over as head coach. One could say fans are not excited about bowl games unless it’s the Cotton Bowl. As a Red Raider fan, would you rather not be invited at all than be invited to a toilet bowl?

The Take.

There was a time when being invited to a bowl game, any bowl game, was a big deal. Fans were excited. Coaches and players were ecstatic. A bowl game was a big deal! Of course, that was when just a few bowls games were in existence. This season a total 40 bowl games will be played between December 15, 2018, and January 7, 2019. It is a stark contrast of the original five bowl games that were first played in the 30s. Nowadays, there’s a bowl game for everything. There’s a Dollar General Bowl and a Heart of Dallas Bowl (not to be confused with the Cotton Bowl of course). There’s an Academy Bowl and a Valero Bowl, a potato bowl, and a Camping World Bowl. The list goes on. With so many bowl option, the appeal of a bowl game seems to no longer get fans excited, but it is still a big deal for the team.

Texas Tech may not get a reputable bowl this year, but even a “toilet bowl” puts the university’s name up a high. Think of all the times Texas Tech will be mentioned on sports channels and radio shows. During the game, commercials advocating for the university will be on display. A bowl game helps get recruits excited about the future. If Texas Tech gets to play in the Cheez-It Bowl this year, imagine how far they can go next year. A bowl game brings the team the opportunity to improve their season record. Seven wins sounds so much better than six wins. As a fan, I am so ready for these guys to go “bowling”, and I am praying for their sixth win this season. Are you?


Would you rather Texas Tech play in a "toilet bowl" game or not go "bowling" at all?

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  • 78%
    I’ll take any bowl. I am not picky.
    (101 votes)
  • 21%
    I don’t want a pity bowl. Might as well stay home.
    (28 votes)
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