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Tweet of the Week: Patty Melt made my heart melt..

Whataburger gave Texas Tech a big shout out.

If you know me personally, you know how much I absolutely love Whataburger. More like obsessed but whatever. So when I saw that Whataburger tweeted a shout out to the rowdy Red Raiders, I was beyond hyped.

I meannnn look at that. The holy grails of late night fast food said Tech was a “terrific university” and our minds are brilliant. Can I get a Wreck ‘Em???? No seriously, after that sickening loose to Texas, I needed that tweet ok. Red Raiders are constantly bashed for whatever reason (you know why) and having a masterpiece of a food joint TWEETING how litty we are just is just the icing on top.

The bashing probably still won't stop but guess what lad, you got ammo now. Just brush it off and be all like “well Whataburger tweeted how legit we are so who’s the real loser now” and boom. Argument won. In a fight with your girlfriend? Just print off the tweet above, grab her some fries and a hbcb or a patty melt and boom. Her heart is melted. What fight? Its science.

So to all you Red Raiders out there that loves Whata and has even stopped in at 2 am after a night out or a crushing, massive L, this one is for you. Keep on Wreckin’ on. We are the greatest fan base and I do not care who disagrees. Go eat a Whataburger for me and lets GET THIS BREAD.