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Defensive grades: defense gives up a late dagger

The Tech defense had one job, get into overtime.

NCAA Football: Texas at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

This one hurts more than any loss this year. Like the Oklahoma game, if Bowman plays you almost certainly win. And not only that, I truly think you bury Texas. Duffey cost you conservatively 13 points, and likely cost you more than that.

But, sadly injuries are apart of the game and while it is frustrating to think about what might have been the result is already on the scoreboard. What we had instead of a win was Duffey leading a late and furious comeback to bring the Red Raiders to the doorstep of victory, just to see the defense give up a late dagger.

Secondary: F

312 passing yards is a great showing in the Big 12 for a defense. But the secondary was absolutely and completely owned. Our defensive backs lost nearly every matchup. If it was not for the devastating pressure our line brought, and the ease that Texas ran the ball making passing irrelevant, this would have been really ugly.

Look, Humphrey is a great receiver. But every single Texas receiver beat us on each 50/50 ball. Ehlinger put the ball on the money constantly and there were more drops than pass breakups. I have really gotten tired of seeing this group almost make plays, and instead get dunked on again and again.

Defensive Line: B

6 sacks in a game, and most of them caused by the defensive line. That is what we were all waiting for. But the issue was that the line constatly lost contain on Sam, and really got driven back consistently in the run game.

Losing Dakota hurt our ability to stuff the run, but I watched Texas linemen driving our boys back five yards off the ball consistently. I loved the pressure, but that cannot happen with our linebackers so short handed.

Losing contain on Sam really was a killer though. Those late scramble runs were heart-breakers, you have to keep someone like him in the pocket. He is not fast or particularly elusive, but if you open up a lane over pursuing he can make a play.

Linebackers: B-

Coverage was okay, and without Dakota for most of the game meant the linebackers had a tall task ahead of them. But losing Allen was really noticeable. The holes were there in the running game, and contain on Ehlinger was lost time and time again.

Not a bad performance, just not what we expect from this group.

Coaching: C+

No turnovers forced is always a bad sign for Gibbs’ defense. But really, he called a good game. We seemed to lose each coverage matchup he created, but at some point that is just on the players not making plays and not about the coaching.

This defense is close, and did give Duffey a chance for a miracle. But close only counts in horseshoes and hand-grenades. I hope that late bust helps the defense find some fuel to salvage the season.