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Halftime Update: At least the first drive looked good

The offense has not been able to get going since that opening touchdown drive.

Texas v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

A Duffey to Vasher touchdown opened up this game right from the very beginning which forced us to think that maybe just maybe we’d get the Jett Duffey we were expecting when he initially committed. However since then, it’s been slim pickings for this offense.

After the opening drive, Tech’s drives have ended in an interception, a punt, a turnover on downs and a field goal. Duffey’s stats don’t look too bad with 144 yards passing and 56 yards rushing, but it’s obvious Tech is going to have trouble winning this game with the way he’s playing.

Tech defense is playing well however back to back touchdowns given up in unideal circumstances have been their undoing. Let’s hope both the offense and defense can pick it up and come from behind.