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Uniform check: Paint the town red

All red digs for the red out.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, we were close but no cigar. Bowman going down means the Red Raiders will look to Jett Duffey to get the offense to a red hot start under the light against the Longhorns. Speaking of red, you might have heard it is a red out this Saturday.

All red uniforms for Texas hate week seems fitting. The uniforms embody the pure hatred that burns in every Tech fan when the arrogant, whiny Longhorns come to Lubbock. I actually am not the biggest fans of our red uniforms, but these aren’t half bad.

I do really appreciate how simple our uniforms have been all year, moving away from those early year gimmicks. All in all, not my favorite but not bad at all.

Final Rating: 7/10