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Red Raider Ravioli: Shattered dreams

The thin line that connects Iowa State and Goldust


Third loss of the season, I see. In a game we had to win, I add. When I was trying to find a comparison to explain how I feel today, Goldust appeared in my mind. For those who don’t know who he is, I begin with a picture.

Nice person, huh? I’m not a big WWE fan anymore, but this character is a good fit. You could ask me what the connection between Iowa State and Goldust is, and what they are doing in an article talking about Texas Tech, but this video explains it all:

Do you understand now? Because I think it’s not possible every time the Red Raiders have a clear possibility to build something important, to show how far they arrived, to confirm they are doing good, we receive a kick in the — ok, I think it’s clear.

This particular season in which many sports (baseball, men’s basketball, womens volleyball, womens soccer) are making great improvements, after being at the bottom of the Big 12 for years.

So why can’t football have some kind of consistent success? And with success, I don’t mean being a national contender every single year, but just eight wins per season, something that hasn’t happened since 2013, and won’t happen this year either.

Ok, that said, we’re just one week away from the first men’s basketball game of the season. It’s a team in which I have high expectations, despite it’s almost totally new, as coach Beard made a fantastic work with his recruiting. VTM will cover in depth this season, we’re preparing something big for you, so, stay with us!

Alla prossima!