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Defensive player of the week: second half defense

The second half effort was so superb it deserves special recognition.

Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

The player of the week this week is the entire defensive group in the second half. That first half was ugly, and it ended up costing us the game.

But after getting scorched and giving up 35 points in one half, Heisman hopeful Will Grier ended with only 370 yards and 3 touchdowns. National pundits are ignoring this entirely, laying laurels at Grier’s feet.

He is an excellent talent, and played extremely well in that first half. But to ignore the superhuman shut down of the entire West Virginia offense in the second half showed how little people paid attention to the game after the score became lopsided.

Instead of recognizing an individual, take a moment and really feel good about how well this defense can play. If they bring this effort from the start, this team will be just fine.