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Halftime update: Big 12 refs are at it again

Iowa State gifted multiple penalties on the way to two touchdowns.

Texas Tech v Houston Photo by Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images

Texas Tech is in a dog fight currently and the penalties being racked up by the Red Raiders are not helping. A targeting penalty at the end of the first quarter not only negated an Iowa State penalty but removed star linebacker Jordyn Brooks from the game. After that penalty, Eli Howard received a roughing the passer call which eventually led to an Iowa State touchdown. On Iowa State’s second touchdown drive, the Cyclones were gifted an unnecessary roughness penalty, a holding penalty which allowed them to re-do a failed third down and an offensive pass interference by Hakeem Butler that wasn’t called.

It’s been a long day for the Red Raiders and penalties, but the game has been close and the Red Raiders have found success. Special Teams has been a revelation for Tech as Dominic Panazzolo has consistently kept Iowa State back. The Cyclones have had an average starting field position at their own 16 yard line and they’ve had to work to get down the field. Thomas Leggett got the game going with a great blocked punt early in the first quarter, the Red Raiders first since 2005.

Tech finished off the half with a 12-play touchdown drive to re-take the led and gain momentum going into halftime, lets see if the Red Raiders can hold on.