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The Air Raid Podcast #144: Time to separate the contenders from the pretenders

Both Texas Tech and Iowa State are at the same point in their season and this game will determine who deserves to be mentioned among the top teams in the conference.

The Red Raiders are on a two game winning streak, the Cyclones are also on a two game winning streak. Iowa State defeated a West Virginia team that defeated Texas Tech. Tech defeated a TCU team that defeated ISU. Safe to say these two teams mirror each other right now and both teams need a win this week to stay near the top of the conference.

So many matchups in this game. Brian Peavy vs. Adrian Frye, Hakeem Butler vs. Antoine Wesley, David Mongomery vs. all the Tech running backs and most importantly, Brock Purdy vs. Alan Bowman. Which team comes out on top and what do the Red Raiders need to do? Albie and Dylan figure out what needs to be done.