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Instant Reaction: Texas Tech vs. Kansas

Bowman is back, our defense played well, and Kansas is still bad.

NCAA Football: Kansas at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

In a surprise turn of events, Alan Bowman got the start today and played pretty well. It’s clear this offense is so much smoother with him behind center, and today reiterated that truth. I’d like to credit Kansas though, should Mike Lee not have gotten a bogus targeting call I really do wonder what winds up happening in the second half. Pooka Williams is definitely the real deal, but Kansas’s lack of quality quarterback play is glaring. I mean, how many wide open receivers did Peyton Bender miss? I’m thrilled he sucks though because I love getting these big wins.

Alan Bowman - I think it was nice that Bowman got to work out the kinks against Kansas, and he clearly showed some rust. He wound up with 400+ yards passing, three TDs, and his pocket presence was a sight for sore eyes. But, his timing felt off a few times and he didn’t quite lead his receivers like he normally does. I’m getting pretty petty calling him out though, but we’re just so spoiled by his great play.

Ta’Zhawn Henry - He wound up with 100+ yards of total offense, and he had an unbelievable first quarter. I expected we’d see him go off today, but he slowed down as the game wore on. Regardless, it was nice to see Henry get back rolling.

Antoine Wesley - He can run by you, jump over you, and out-muscle you. Simply put, Wesley is one of the best receivers in America at this point. He’s going to wind up 1st-Team All-Conference, and if he keeps this pace I’d expect All-American honors.

T.J. Vasher - His ability to go up and get balls makes this offense so much better. The saying is 50/50 ball, but I swear Vasher is like an 80/20 cheat code. We’ll need him to ball out against Iowa State.

Tre King - I felt like he had an exceedingly average game, and I was surprised we didn’t get Da’Leon Ward in this one. His touchdown was certainly impressive though.

Seth Collins - It was good to see him get his first touchdown, and I’d love to get him more opportunities in space. Regardless, I think it’s clear he’s your starter moving forward at the H-Receiver spot.

KeSean Carter - Why don’t we throw him deep balls? I love that he gets the ball on the perimeter, but when is this guy going to get a go-route? Regardless, Carter played well and it was fun that Caden Leggett got his first catch. Future is bright with this group.

De’Quan Bowman - This guy....he’s....frustrating. Help me understand this line for his punt returns: 3 returns, 1 yard, with a long of 17 yards. That means he had a return that went 17 yards at some point, but managed to somehow lose 16 yards of precious field position on his other two returns? Meanwhile, he also had a 42 yard kickoff return. It’s clear that he can make plays, but his propensity to screw up is infuriating.

Dakota Allen - Another week, another great performance. He’s your best player, blah blah blah...we know the drill.

Jordyn Brooks - This guy got straight up FAST this off-season. I remember him being quick, but he’s playing like a 4.6 40-yard dash lately. He had several solid plays this week.

Kolin Hill - Seeing how Tony Jones was out, Hill was tee’d up to play a ton today and he wound up with two key sacks. Really hoping he can consistently get pressure on the quarterback the rest of the season.

Justus Parker/Douglas Coleman - One guy almost got an interception, the other guy did get an interception. These guys have now strung two solid games together, and pleased with their progress this season. Even if Parker has likely been a semi-disappointment (no turnovers, so far).

Adrian Frye - He’s your best cornerback, and you can go ahead and lock that in for the next four years. Outside of that final big gainer by Kansas, I’m pretty sure he allowed less than 20 yards today.

Eli Howard - He flashed several times today, and his effort was noticeable. He’s a big havoc player and today was no different.

Kicking/Punting Game - Panazzolo averaged 45 yards/punt, and Clayton Hatfield banged home two kicks from 45+ yards. Great games from both of these players, and they’ve both been bright spots lately.

Overall, this was a sloppy win and I know that’s hard to believe when you win by 30+ points. But, our start to this game was rough and it never felt like we truly dominated Kansas. It more felt like the Jayhawks beat themselves and couldn’t take advantage of their good plays. We’ll need to play our best game in Ames to beat Iowa State. There’s zero doubt that Matt Cambell has owned Kingsbury and we’ll be underdogs. Till next week - Wreck ‘Em.