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Halftime update: Slow start, but we are rolling now

Offense looked shaky early, but has come alive.

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

It was ugly early on as the Red Raiders struggled to put it in the end zone. Dumb penalties and fumbles haunted the team. In fact, in the first quarter the game was tied 3-3 after a fumble on the Texas Tech 3 yard line.

The defense needed no time to warm up, and kept the game tight while the offense found their rhythm. Bonney forced a critical fumble, and the defense is just smothering Kansas. Especially when backed up, after having to defend 3 yards of grass the defense forced a field goal.

Bowman looks much more settled, and the running game keeps rolling with Henry and King. Two highlight catches got Bowman his first touchdown since his injury. Bowman is struggling some and even threw a pick, but I expect him to really feel it in the second half.

With a score of 24-3, Tech is doing exactly what it was supposed to. I would love for us to bury Kansas. Just run them out of the stadium, and enjoy the rest of our afternoon with the starters relaxing on the sideline.