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Uniform check: throwback part two

Red Raiders look slick on homecoming.

Since you all loved the uniform piece from last week, we decided to make it a weekly thing. Uniform swag is fun for the fans, but more importantly big in recruiting so don’t think this doesn’t matter.

Getting right into it, this week we have a crisp red on white look rocking the throwback helmets from last week.

Personally, I prefer when the team does all red and all white without the mix-and-match. But I like how simple the jersey is, nothing over the top just our based red and white numbering.

This is very similar to the touch of red look the team threw on as a dig against Houston over the white out shenanigans they pulled. It’s classic, and doesn’t do anything gimmicky.

The highlight piece is the throwback helmet, and that I can fully get behind. The double-T is just awesome, and looks great on the white backdrop. The stars dotting the helmet with that red face mask is a masterpiece.

Overall, the uniform bosses did a great job. Perfect for homecoming, and a good look for recruits.

Final Grade: 9/10