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Defensive grades: a defensive win

For the first time in a long time, your defense won the game.

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Texas Tech is finally looking like a complete team. The offense ran into a wall, and the defense stepped up and made the plays to win this football game. Hopefully, Bowman will be back soon and the offense won’t need such a handicap from the defense again. Now without further ado, here is how I think the defense graded out.

Secondary: A-

The secondary played a very solid game. They covered pretty well, and even came away with the game sealing interception. They were not perfect, receivers made them pay on a few occasions, but the effort was much better.

I especially am impressed by Adrian Frye. The young man continues to earn his playing time, and will develop into a lock-down corner. He is playing at a very high level, and I hope he continues to do so as we move into the heart of the schedule.

Defensive Line: B-

The big boys up front really played hard. They just did not really have a large impact on the game. I don’t think they played bad, but we still need more from these guys. I want to see Eli Howard and Broderick Washington in the backfield more often.

Only one QB hurry generated by the line is not good enough. The linebackers have masked the lack of pressure the line has been bringing, but with a few mobile quarterbacks in our future, the linebackers will be spies and not blitzing as often. The d-line has to organically generate their own pressure.

Linebackers: A+

Wow, what a freaking game by these guys. Dakota Allen lead the team in tackles and was absolutely everywhere. Jordyn Brooks had that incredible interception and made stop after stop.

Riko Jeffers also played really well, and I truly think he makes our starters better. The better he plays, the harder Brooks feels he has to play to keep his spot.

Coaching: A-

Gibbs called an excellent game, and the team was ready from the start. They guys forced turnovers, and made critical stops to give the offense a chance to win the game.

When TCU wanted to drive and win the game, the defense shut the door. Props to Gibbs for having a much better game-plan to start this game, he just continues to earn his salary.