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Offensive grades: 17 points was all it took

The Red Raiders didn’t have the offensive game they’re used to, but still pulled out the win.

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Texas Christian Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Tech defeated TCU 17-14 on Thursday night to go 2-1 in conference play and 4-2 overall on the season. The offense did just enough to get help seal the victory - here’s how we graded the offense:

Quarterback: B+

QB Jett Duffey didn’t play his best, but he did find a way to help the team beat the Horned Frogs. He was 13-of-24 on the night with 190 yards and one touchdown pass, which was a 62-yard pass to WR Ja’Deion High. He also had a 38-yard rushing touchdown and one interception. Duffey wasn’t extravagant, but he made clutch plays when he had to.

Running backs: C-

Tre King is back. King ran for 60 yards on 10 carries and broke a lot of tackles against the Horned Frogs. Freshman Ta’Zhawn Henry had 23 yards on nine carries. Even though these two guys did well, the backs overall didn’t really impress me. They totaled 91 yards on the night, which is only eight yards more yards than Duffey had on the night, which is one reason why their grade is low.

Wide receivers: B

The receivers only totaled 202 yards against TCU which isn’t what they normally do. Antoine Wesley led the receivers with 82 yards on three receptions followed by High with 78 yards on four receptions. We did get to see Seth Collins more in this game due to T.J. Vasher leaving in the first quarter, but it wasn’t a typical game for these guys (and it probably had to do with Duffey using his legs more).

Offensive line: B-

The o-line was missing a few key players in Thursday’s game, so their grade isn’t as high. There were a lot of penalties on them, and they gave up two sacks. I think the depth Texas Tech has at the offensive line is pretty solid but given the penalties and limited rushing yards in the game, their grade isn’t the best.