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AP top 25: Massive movement along the poll

Similar to Chutes and Ladders, teams were able to skip far ahead and slide far down the poll.

Georgia v LSU Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

The premise of the board game Chutes and Ladders is to get to the top and win before your opponent. You do that by moving forward bit by bit until you land on a ladder and you’re able to skip many of the spaces ahead. However, beware because if you land on a chute, then you will fall back down to where you were previously. This premise was rampant among the polls this week as seven teams climbed their ladder by moving up four or more spots. All while five teams slid down their chute falling by that amount.

This movement was all set up by the amount of big time games we had this past Saturday. Second ranked Georgia fell victim on the road to 13th ranked LSU. Seventh ranked Washington lost in the Autzen Zoo to 17th ranked Oregon. All while 15th ranked Wisconsin went to the Big House and received a big loss to 12th ranked Michigan. Five other ranked teams suffered upsets to unranked this this week which resulted in the chaos we see in the polls

Just as surprising as the upsets were the near-upsets. Fifth ranked Notre Dame, Ninth ranked Texas, 10th ranked UCF, 14th ranked Florida, 22nd ranked Texas A&M, and 23rd ranked USF all were within one possession of their unranked opponent in the fourth quarter. Had these upsets also happened, true anarchy could’ve been unleashed.

Texas Tech received some love this week as well after their impressive defensive win against TCU Thursday night. The Red Raiders received eight points in the poll essentially placing them in the 35th position.

  1. Alabama, 7-0 (-)
  2. Ohio State, 7-0 (+1)
  3. Clemson, 6-0 (+1)
  4. Notre Dame, 7-0 (+1)
  5. LSU, 6-1 (+8)
  6. Michigan, 6-1 (+6)
  7. Texas, 6-1 (+2)
  8. Georgia, 6-1 (-6)
  9. Oklahoma, 5-1 (+2)
  10. UCF, 6-0 (-)
  11. Florida, 6-1 (+3)
  12. Oregon, 5-1 (+5)
  13. West Virginia, 5-1 (-7)
  14. Kentucky, 5-1 (+4)
  15. Washington, 5-2 (-8)
  16. NC State, 5-0 (+4)
  17. Texas A&M, 5-2 (+5)
  18. Penn State, 4-2 (-10)
  19. Iowa, 5-1 (NR)
  20. Cincinnati, 6-0 (+5)
  21. South Florida, 6-0 (+2)
  22. Mississippi State, 4-2 (+2)
  23. Wisconsin, 4-2 (-8)
  24. Michigan State, 4-2 (NR)
  25. Washington State, 5-1 (NR)