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Halftime update: Is there anyone healthy that can throw the ball?

Tech managed only 40 passing yards in the first half.

West Virginia v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

For the past week and a half, all of Red Raider Nation has begged the defense to come out strong and they’ve done just that. Texas Tech’s defense has only given up 214 total yards and seven points in the first half, while forcing two turnovers. Unfortunately Tech still finds themselves behind in the first half, however this time the offense is to blame.

Third string quarterback Jett Duffey has struggled to throw the ball accurately and consistently. Duffey is currently averaging 3.3 yards per attempt and threw an ill advised interception. Tre King has found success running the ball but he’s only gotten six carries. Duffey has found himself in tight situations when he’s used his legs as well.

TCU arguably has the best defense in the country so it won’t be any easier going forward. If Tech is going to come back once again, Duffey is simply going to have to play better.