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Red Raider Ravioli: Dr. Jett & Mr. Duffey

Love him or hate him? Is there a right answer?


Texas Tech lost to West Virginia. This is the assumption from which we have to start in this RRR edition, exceptionally published on Monday.

There’s a nice debate going on concerning 11 a.m. games, and I really invite you all to intervene and share opinions. But that’s not my point today, as I want to discuss the player here below.

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

He entered the game after Alan Bowman suffered a scary injury (partially collapsed lung), with the game heavily compromised, he almost led the team to an incredible comeback, but he also threw the pick-6 that virtually ended the game.

Should we be excited about how he managed the offense in the second half, or maybe angry about how he threw this ball to that West Virginia defender?

In my opinion, we should be happy he demonstrated he can play at D1 level: ok, he’s not the best pocket passer in the nation, but he showed many improvements in this sector, and he gave a spark to the Red Raiders offense, a shot of dual-threat efficiency the Mountaineers weren’t ready to face.

West Virginia v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

There’s also the other side of the medal, the fact he has the tendency to commit a couple of mistakes during the game, but there are very few players who are error-free during a game. And maybe coach Kingsbury could avoid making him throw 27 times, but the score forced him to have some decisions.

We have to consider the last aspect, as Texas Tech can face the possibility both Bowman and McLane Carter cannot play against TCU in two weeks due to their injuries.

In this case, Carter would be the starter and I’m certain in this case Jett would be a reliable quarterback and Texas Tech would have the possibility to win this game.

Alla prossima!