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Q&A: Getting to know Tech football commit Corey Fulcher Jr.

We chat with the 6’2 wide receiver from Lake Highlands about his thoughts on Tech’s 2017 season, his goals and what he orders at Whataburger.

Courtesy of Corey Fulcher Jr.

Here at Wide Receiver U, expectations are high. Incoming freshman Corey Fulcher Jr. isn’t shying away from them - he hopes to be the one of the greatest receivers to play in Lubbock when it’s all said and done.

The 6’2 wideout played multiple positions in high school, amassing 1,252 all-purpose yards and 22 touchdowns for Lake Highlands. It’ll be fun to see if he can bring that kind of production to the field at Tech.

We chatted with Fulcher to learn a bit more about the future Red Raider with some rapid fire questions:

When did you first start playing football?

Age 3.

When did you realize you had a chance to go D1?

Sophomore year of high school.

Who’s your favorite college player?

Lamar Jackson.

Who’s your favorite NFL player?

Dez Bryant.

Who’s going to win the Super Bowl this year?

The New England Patriots.

What are your thoughts on this past season for Tech?

They improved tremendously on the defensive side and will do even better in 2018.

Favorite food?


What do you order at Whataburger?

Triple meat with only ketchup and a large Powerade and fries.

Favorite city?


Favorite movie/TV show?

Last chance U.

What’s the best part of your game?

Being able to get the ball at different positions

What do you need to work on the most?

My routes.

How is your relationship with Kliff Kingsbury?

It’s good. We’ve talked a few times, can’t wait to play for him.

What’s your goal when you get to Lubbock?

To be one of the greats.

Favorite artist?


Do you have any other hobbies or talents?

Nope, just football.

What are you most eager to do when you get to campus?

Experience the college life.