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Tech basketball appears on latest Vegas Board to win NCAA Championship

The Red Raiders great play of late has turned heads everywhere, including Las Vegas.

NCAA Basketball: Texas Tech at Kansas Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The No. 18 Texas Tech Red Raiders have made it on to the Vegas Board after not touching it earlier in the season. The Red Raiders now have the 19th best odds at 66/1. This is a big step in the right direction for the Red Raiders, as this is the first time in awhile they have appeared on the Vegas Board. Vegas bettors probably selected Texas Tech due to their dominant wins over ranked opponents in the last week or so. Tech has the talent and heart to compete with anyone in the country and that showed Tuesday night in Kansas, where the Red Raiders won handily by a score of 85-73. Any win against a perennial National Championship contender such as Kansas on the road can’t be ignored by anyone, including Las Vegas. Below are the odds for the Big 12 teams currently on the board.

Big 12 Vegas Odds

Team 12/5/17 Odds 1/3/18 Odds
Team 12/5/17 Odds 1/3/18 Odds
Texas Tech Not on Board 66/1
Kansas 8/1 14/1
West Virgina 66/1 33/1
Texas 33/1 75/1
Baylor 100/1 150/1
TCU 75/1 75/1
Oklahoma 150/1 25/1

What do all of these numbers mean? Well, Texas Tech has 66 to 1 odds which means if this season with these players were played 67 times, Vegas predicts Texas Tech would win the National Championship one time. In percentages, Vegas is giving Tech a 1.49% chance at winning it all this year. If you really think Tech could win it all, you could win big as even a $10 bet on Tech will win you $660 dollars if the Red Raiders win the National Championship.

Of course, the Red Raiders will have to continue to play great basketball to keep their spot on this board. This will start this Saturday at 3:00 P.M. against a good Kansas State team at the United Supermarkets Arena in Lubbock. If Texas Tech’s last two games are any indication, the Red Raiders will be prepared as ever for the game on Saturday.