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VIDEO: post Oklahoma State press conference

Takeaways from coach Beard’s words after the victory over the Cowboys

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma State at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

After the most difficult game of the year, with two losses that heavily downsized Texas Tech ambitions, coach Beard spoke with the media following the comeback victory over Oklahoma State.

He had nice words for the opponent coach, Mike Boynton Jr., who’s working in a difficult environment: coach Beard admits the Cowboys overplayed his team in the first half but also recognized the strength of his players, who delivered while they were with their back to the wall.

Among many other things, he expressed his appreciation for the crowd, for the defense that kept the team in the game, and for the offense that in the second half finally exploded and scored with continuity.

He was accompanied by the two most important players of the night, Keenan Evans (26 points + 5 assists), and Jarrett Culver (25 points + 8 rebounds).