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Big 12 basketball power rankings: familiar team at the top

Texas Tech proves to be a contender, but not ready to be at the very top.

NCAA Basketball: Kansas State at Kansas Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

This entire preseason it looked like the conference was finally ready for a new team to take over, for a new team to end KU’s reign. However this past week seemed all too familiar as Bill Self’s squad rose back to the top of the conference standings. Once again, it’ll take a complete conference effort to knock off the 13-time reigning champs.

1. Kansas (+3)

The Jayhawks have taken a situation where they looked to be the worst Kansas team in years to once again being at the top of the Big 12 standings. For 90% of Big 12 fans, this is absolutely sickening, but for the the fans residing in Lawrence, KS this is glorious.

2. West Virginia (-1)

3. Oklahoma (-1)

4. Texas Tech (-1)

These three teams are all the main challengers to KU’s reign. With each impressive victory, each team managed to follow it up with a bad loss. Now each team have shown that they have what it takes to make it through the vigorous Big 12, however who will come out on top between them and truly contend for the title is yet to be seen.

5. Kansas State (+1)

Bruce Weber has the Wildcats on the right track. They’ve played the toughest schedule in the conference yet, and have made it through .500. The big upset over Oklahoma was the icing on the cake as they found a way to completely corral Trae Young Tuesday night. A win over TCU on Saturday and K-State could find themselves ranked.

6. Texas (+2)

The topsy turvy world of the Longhorns continues. After being upset by the Cowboys on the road, Texas came back to Austin and upset the 8th ranked Red Raiders. UT is now 2-1 at home in conference play, and have played impressively well in all three games. This young team still has room to grow, but is starting to get there.

7. TCU (-2)

TCU is undefeated against teams they’ve played below them in these rankings but winless against the teams above them. The Horned Frogs are starting to come down to earth from their undefeated high and are finding out the difficulties of playing against tough competition every night. To make matters worse, star guard Jaylen Fisher is now sidelined with a knee injury. TCU’s tournament chances are starting to slip away.

8. Baylor (-1)

This Bears team might’ve hit rock bottom on Saturday with their loss in Ames, this Bears team truly has a lot of work to do. Just like Texas they seem to be able to get things going at home, but 0-3 on the road does not bode well going forward.

9. Oklahoma State (-)

10. Iowa State (-)

The bottom remains the bottom despite OSU’s upset win over Texas and ISU’s upset over Baylor. Both of these teams still need a grand amount of work to move their way up these rankings and the standings.