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Red Raider Ravioli: Meraviglioso!

Happy mood in a happy Sunday. Could it be different?


ma come non ti accorgi

di quanto il mondo sia


(D. Modugno)


but how you do not notice

of how the world is


Buongiorno mondo! (Good morning, world)

Today is a nice day to be a Red Raiders’ fan, don’t you think so? I appreciated yesterday very much, this basketball thing is going well, so I decided to suspend for a week our Red Raider Awards and talk about this awesome team.

There’s a live game thread on Viva the Matadors, where everybody can come and discuss the game with other fans (you can also comment other articles, nobody will be offended, take it for granted). In this thread, while Texas Tech continued to trail and it seemed a comeback was impossible, I wrote: “Texas Tech won’t win this game”. Lack of trust? Superstition? Provocation? Nope, just a genuine feeling the Red Raiders couldn’t overcome this deficit, and the Mountaineers seemed so unattainable.

NCAA Basketball: West Virginia at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

In particular, there was this number 2 that continued to make whatever he wanted and score, score, score... Suddenly, things began to change, and this number 2 was replaced by a number 1 and by a number 12 in red jerseys, and the Red Raiders started their comeback.

I really appreciated the crowd, that in another article I defined “involved and rowdy”. These people really helped players, and players helped people too because I hope this victory will convince always more fans to attend next games, that will continue in 10 days after two away games.

NCAA Basketball: West Virginia at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Now, let’s pose the fatal question. Where can these Red Raiders fly? What’s their limit? These last two weeks of play showed the Red Raiders don’t fall below to anyone. Also in the loss in Norman, the team demonstrated to be focused, and only some avoidable turnovers and a bad night from the 3-point line didn’t allow to be in the game until the end.

The road is still long, and many factors will determine which team will be the best, like conditioning, injuries, and luck in key moments. It’s already interesting the Red Raiders gained national attention, so let’s enjoy this ride until the end.

Alla prossima settimana! (“See you next week”)