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The 2OT: Texas Tech will win a national title before 2023

Discussing why the Red Raiders will win a national championship in one of the big three mens sports before the Red Raider centennial.

The thought.

Texas Tech will win a national championship in one of the big three mens sports (football, baseball and basketball) before 2023, Texas Tech’s 100th anniversary.

The argument for football.

The Red Raiders have never won a national title or even an outright conference title since joining the southwest conference in 1956. Older fans will tell you that Tech has always been middle of the road and “don’t expect it to change”. The biggest argument in favor of Texas Tech football is that everything is impossible until it happens. Clemson is a great example as the Tigers (unless you count 1981, which I don’t) won its first national championship in 2016. Prior to that the story of Clemson was very similar to Texas Tech’s. Show promise but then blow it in the big game.

If Clemson can break the glass ceiling, why can’t the Red Raiders? It is certainly debatable whether the current coaching staff can get it done, but if they can get the pieces together at the right time (think 2015 offense with the 2017 defense), it’s no telling how far they can go.

The argument for basketball.

Texas Tech basketball currently sits at #8 in the country and if you exclude the post Bob Knight era, the Red Raiders have been traditionally good at basketball with 14 NCAA tournament appearance including three sweet 16 appearances. The Red Raiders have never made it to the Elite 8 however and even for the best teams it is really hard to win a 64 team single elimination tournament. To get to the finals would mean winning five straight games against mostly ranked opponents, which Tech did during the 2015-2016 regular season under Tubby Smith. Given the production of Chris Beards first recruiting class and the success so far this year I’d say the future is very bright for Red Raider Basketball.

The argument for baseball.

There is no other way to put it. Red Raider baseball is killing it. Tim Tadlock is arguably one of the best college baseball coaches in the league. Texas Tech made it to the College World Series in two out of the last four seasons. Historically, Texas Tech has made the NCAA tournament 13 times since 1995. Tim Tadlock has come the closest to winning the big dance of any Red Raider team and, thanks to a stacked pitching staff, the 2018 squad looks to be one of the best in the Tadlock era.

The take.

You heard it here first folks. Texas Tech will bring home a national title before the centennial in 2023. If in had to put money on which program will do it, I would bet on the baseball team since they are the most well established of the three. Chris Beard has proven that the Red Raiders can play with anyone this season so I wouldn’t be surprised if the are the ones to make it. Football definitely has some work but we have seen plenty of programs turn around in a single season (ie TCU).

What’s your take?


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