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Pulse of Red Raider Nation: Which level of success is more important?

Would you rather have winning seasons but never win a championship or win a title followed by losing seasons?

The best part of writing for the best sports blog on the planet is the great sports minds that we have constantly debating in our group messages. This day was no different as Ryan and Albert started discussing what’s the main gauge for success.

Ryan: People put way too much importance on championships. For example, I'm an Atlanta Braves fan & started watching in 1990. The Braves won 14 straight division titles, five NL pennants and one World Series, yes ONE. The Marlins are perennial bottom dwellers but in 1997 and 2003 they had just enough young and veteran talent to win it both years before they blew it up and sold the team. The Marlins don't have the history, pedigree or Hall of Famers that the Braves have. I’d rather be in the postseason and in the hunt every year and not win than be trash forever and win here or there. It’s like how some fans are saying their team is going to be “trash” this year before one snap has occurred. It seems to me that they are just saving their feelings on a chance of being disappointed. These people get a strange satisfaction from seeing a team they supposedly care about fail. All so that they can be proven right. Perhaps fans shouldn’t be so fanatical about sports and just enjoy the sport.

Albert: Title aspirations should always be on your mind if you're up there I don't think you can put too much on it because that is always the end game. Where we differ is that I would take the championships over success, I'd take the Marlins two over the Braves one. I would take one championship if that meant my team would suck for the next 10 years. Eagles have a pretty dang good history but have never won a title and it hangs over the organization as opposed to the Buccaneers or Saints who’s history is pretty bad but have a championship. I’ve been a Houston sports fan since the late 90s, the Rockets, Astros, and Texans have had moments and successful teams over the past two decades but have never been able to get over the hump. Tech is one of four active Big 12 members to have never won a championship, and any statistic that pairs us with Kansas and Iowa State is not a statistic I want to be apart of. I would happily accept the fate of missing a bowl for the next decade if that meant we would win the Big 12 championship this year.

Ryan: I’m not saying the team shouldn’t go into the season not focused on a championship, but as fans what is more enjoyable? Winning 8 to 9 games a year and being in the hunt for a championship? Or making a deal with the devil saying “give us one Big 12 or National Title and we can be trash for the next 10 or 15 years”? I understand the impact of winning something you never have before... but think about all the teams that have minimal success for a view years and then fade away into the abyss of irrelevance. I’d rather be relevant every year and not win than be UCF (Win a BCS Bowl Game in 2013 and then go 0-12 in 2015.)

Albert: As a Tech fan, we’ve yet to taste the Big 12 championship, we’ve had the prosperity of being a consistent winner for the past two decades. If i could trade all those seasons for one or two conference titles, the devil and I� would become business associates.

What do you think Red Raider nation? Don’t Forget to look out for the hashtag #PulseofRedRaiderNation on twitter and facebook.


Would you rather win 1 Championship and be horrible for the next 10 years or be relevant every year, but never win.

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    I want the championship
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  • 68%
    I want to be relevant every year
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