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Recruiting update: jumping back into the top 50

Several new offensive commitments boost Texas Tech among the top of the FBS

For the average college football fan, August is the worst possible month, when you can smell the upcoming football season but you still have to wait. Media days and training camp are just a weak palliative, while waiting for the events that are still weeks away.

So a summer recruiting update is always welcomed, also because in this last month and a half six players committed to come to Lubbock and this led Texas Tech to jump back into the's top 50, and are now sixth in the Big 12.

Demarcus Marshall / 6’3”, 333 lbs / Offensive lineman

Grand Prairie High School (Grand Prairie, TX)

24/7: *** / Rivals: **** / Scout: ***

This might be the best commitment of the summer, with Rivals even rating Marshall as a 4-star recruit. It is a ranking he fully merits, as Demarcus has incredible size for his age (some recruiting services even listing him at 350 pounds), but he is also athletic and can block on the move being effective also in the second level.

He was recruited by many Power-5 universities and he decided to commit to Texas Tech over Colorado, Illinois, Kansas State, Missouri, and Syracuse.

He mainly plays on the left side of the line, primarily as a tackle, and with his physicality, he can already be used in his freshman season. Alongside another well-touted recruit like Jake Anderson, he can form a strong side for years to come.

KeSean Carter / 5’10”, 150 lbs / Wide receiver

The Woodlands High School (The Woodlands, TX)

24/7: *** / Rivals: *** / Scout: NR

We move from the heaviest to the lightest player of the group, as Carter is a speedy wide receiver with devastating elusiveness and acceleration. KeSean is a solid receiver who mainly plays in the slot and likes to run deep routes and is also a terrific returner.

In 2016 he caught 70 passes for 1,314 yards and 16 touchdowns and runs the 100-meter dash in 10.32 seconds. He chose the Red Raiders over Arizona, Houston, Memphis, Utah, and West Virginia.

He committed to multiple programs, as he will also join the track and field team under coach Wes Kitley.

Devin Brumfield / 5’10”, 219 lbs / Running back

Covington High School (Covington, LA)

24/7: *** / Rivals: *** / Scout: ***

I hope you have five minutes because you have to see this highlight video, at least from minute 2:43 on, you won’t be disappointed. Watch Brumfield and imagine him with a Red Raiders uniform on bulldozing Longhorn defenders. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Texas Tech went to Louisiana to land Devin and he absolutely deserves this kind of attention, as he is an impressive back with rare power. He literally runs over defenders and he doesn’t care if he has some of them clung to him, as he continues to move his legs and gain yards.

You can argue about the defenses he’s faced, but his numbers are crazy. In three years of high school, he has 4,242 rushing yards and 52 touchdowns. He was highly recruited in all the South, but he chose Texas Tech after a head-to-head battle with Missouri.

If we consider the weakness in the backfield that we have at the moment, Brumfield is a very important recruit and Texas Tech can’t afford to lose him from here in February.

Xavier Benson / 6’3”, 200 lbs / Outside linebacker

Pleasant Grove High School (Texarkana, TX)

24/7: *** / Rivals: *** / Scout: ***

Here we have another commitment coming from far away, as Texarkana is at the border with Arkansas. It’s encouraging the recruiters can make this work also in these areas, and a good sign for the future.

Benson is a consensus 3-star recruit, he almost didn’t draw interest at the Power-5 level, and he is the first linebacker of the 2018 class.

Xavier is a versatile player who is a factor in every part of the team, as he often lines up as a tight end on offense and is a standout special teams player. On defense, his main strength is an incredible versatility, as he can line up on both sides of the line, mainly as a 9-technique.

He is an outstanding pass rusher with great instincts, but he has to bulk up a lot as he’s very thin for his height and will suffer with big offensive linemen. With one more high school year and maybe a redshirt season, he can develop into an interesting player.

Hakeem White / 6’3”, 285 lbs / Offensive tackle

Midway High School (Waco, TX)

24/7: *** / Rivals: *** / Scout: ***

Recognizing a problem and trying to solve it is a sign of maturity, and seeing the Red Raiders landing their fifth offensive lineman of the 2018 class is encouraging. White is a right tackle who will be moved to guard because of his size, and he chose Texas Tech over Kansas State, Houston, and Missouri.

Despite his average size, Hakeem is an effective lineman with good athleticism, as he can block even the fastest pass rushers with good footwork that allows him to immediately find an efficient position. It’s not rare seeing him as a leading blocker and he can maintain his assignment for many seconds.

He may not be the highest-touted recruit, but he has the real chance to be a fierce competitor in his time in Lubbock.

Garland LaFrance / 5’10”, 169 lbs / Running back

St. Augustine High School (New Orleans, LA)

24/7: *** / Rivals: *** / Scout: **

The latest commitment in order of time is another Louisiana running back, the second of this class. In recent times Texas Tech didn’t recruit with continuity in this state and we can clearly see the work of running back coach, Louisiana native, and former LSU assistant Jabbar Juluke.

LaFrance committed to Tulane in June, but when the Red Raiders offered him in late July, Garland didn’t wait too much to embrace the new adventure.

He is very different from Brumfield, as he is a small and elusive back with outstanding speed. The tapes even show a patient player, who can wait for holes to open and then hit them with efficiency and quickness.

LaFrance may not be a publicized prospect but depth is never a problem, especially in this backfield that lacks quality interpreters.