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The Greatest Red Raider Football Team Ever

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If we were able to match up Red Raider football teams of the past, who would be the best team ever?

NCAA Football: Baylor vs Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

In current sports talk, the mention of GOAT is thrown out quite often, and it usually leads to heated debate and much arguing in the comments of social media articles. LeBron vs Jordan, Brady vs Montana, Mays vs Ruth, Gretzky vs Howe. In reality, you can’t compare two players of different eras. There’s just too much difference. However, we’re going to do exactly that with Tech football teams in the modern era (1996 and on).

There’s a website some may be familiar with, WhatIfSports. You can match teams up that never played each other and see the result. For college football, they have teams from 1996-2016, which is why we are only going back to 96. Apologies to the earlier teams, but for this experiment, it just didn’t work. Just for fun, let’s see what would happen if the 2008 team welcomed in the team from this past season. Would Harrell pick apart an atrocious pass defense? Would Mahomes’ natural abilities be too much for Ruffin’s defense?

1st Quarter

It’s only 40 degrees outside, with light rain and 20 mph winds. The 08 team kicks off and there’s a false start on the very first play (this sounds rather realistic). Mahomes is sacked by Rajon Henley and after 2 incompletions the 16 team is punting the ball away. The teams trade scores, and then punts, as the first comes to an end with the score tied at 7. However the 08 team is driving....

2nd Quarter

Harrell and company really pour it on Gibbs’ defense, scoring 4 unanswered TD’s. However, Donnie Carona misses 3 PAT’s pushing the score to 32-7. Britton, Batch, Crabtree, and Morris all score while the 16 team only picks up a single 1st down before their final drive. On the final drive Mahomes throws to Coutee for 18, Cantrell for 12, and Batson for 10 before Hatfield kicks a field goal as time expires to make the score 32-10 at halftime.

3rd Quarter

The 08 team starts the 3rd with the ball, and with an over 5 minute drive, scores yet again, this time with a Shannon Woods receiving TD. On the very 1st play of the ensuing drive, Jamar Wall intercepts Mahomes. 2 plays later 08 scores again with a pass to Baron Batch. 16’s drive lasts 6 plays before Mahomes throws another pick, this time to Darcel McBath. 8 plays later 08 scores again. By the time the 3rd is over it’s 53-10 and there’s still 15 minutes to go.

4th Quarter

The 4th is more of the same. Mahomes can’t overcome the weather or the 08 secondary, with interceptions to Brian Duncan and Daniel Charbonnet. 08 scores twice in the 4th as the game finally, and mercifully comes to an end. Final score 67-10

Final Box Score

That was fun for one side, but definitely not the other. Hopefully when the actual games are simulated they will be a tad bit closer. Or was the 08 team that much better than last years squad?

Tournament Format

From 1996-2016 there have been 21 Red Raider teams to play. They were ranked and seeded into 3 brackets of 7 teams each. The #1 seed in each was given a bye into the 2nd round. at the end there will be 3 division winners that will play in a double elimination bracket to determine the final winner. For seeding, a rating called the Simple Rating System (SRS) was used. It is a formula developed by Sports Reference that takes into account a teams average point differential and strength of schedule. A completely average team would have a rating of 0, and 19 of the 21 Tech teams were above 0. A complete breakdown of the SRS can be found here.

Tomorrow we will unveil the brackets as well as the results of the 1st round of games