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Who will take over for Jonathan Giles?

Tech is always deep at the receiver position, but who will emerge as the top target?

Louisiana Tech v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

If it’s positions the Red Raiders rarely struggle to fill it is wide receiver slots. Seeing that Jonathan Giles transferred to LSU, the starting WR position is open season. Tech has 19 possible options on their roster, so there is no excuse to find a legit powerhouse among that large pool. However, Tech took a hit with turnovers this offseason.

WR losses

Tech will be without Devin Lauderdale, Reginald Davis III, Tony Brown, Jonathan Giles, Ian Sadler and Bronson Boyd, who was kicked off early in the offseason. The biggest void will be who will fill Giles shoes?

WR favorites

Obviously Cameron Batson, Derrick Willies, Dylan Cantrell and Keke Coutee are the favorites to continue the wide receiver domination at Tech. Cantrell and Batson carried their weight consistently last season. Tech saw flashes of success from Coutee and Willies toward the end of the season. Not only are the top three starters up for grabs, Tech continues to struggles with size, which is a direct correlation from recruiting.

Because of that reason that leads me to look for Willies to beat out Cantrell as an outside difference maker. Willies stands at 6’4 and weighs 210 lbs. Dude will be tough to tackle which will help Tech have more yards after the catch per game. Nevertheless, the key will obviously be for Tech to find a stable QB to gel with the WRs.