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The weekly schedule to watching football.

Now that football is back, this is how you can spend you week.

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Arkansas Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Tax free weekend, back to school sales, leaves falling, traffic getting heavier, you might say this means that fall is approaching, but really it means it’s the most wonderful time of the year (move over Christmas). It all means that football season is approaching and once again your life can be consumed by watching large human beings combat each other for 3 to 4 hours! With this realization you may say to yourself “Tech (the team I hyperventilate about) only plays once a week, what am i going to do with the other six days?” Well not to worry! It is only right that I give you the weekly schedule to watching football.


Get your week started off right by cheering on your favorite pro team. Make sure to get the barbecue pit going so you can have all your food ready as you root on the Texans, Cowboys, Raiders, Chiefs, etc. on your nice big screen you have set up just for occasions like these. Luckily, Fox, CBS, and NBC will have you covered for all day pro football action!


Once you finish your long day at work, school, or writing Viva articles, you can kick your feet up, relax, open a bag of popcorn and watch Monday Night Football on ESPN. Regardless of the teams playing, Jon Gruden is always good for a soundbite or two during the broadcast. Hopefully this year’s games are that much more exciting as well.


Sorry bud, no football today. I beg of you not to be the weirdo that randomly pops up at Junior High football games. Come on man, you’re better than that. Instead, get on twitter, SB Nation,, and look up day to day activities of your favorite teams to keep you informed as to what’s going on. You ca check up on injury reports, make changes to your fantasy football lineup. Today is the day for you to give your football brain a break, let your partner, siblings, roommates watch House Hunters for a change. That is......until November. Once November rolls around, you snatch that remote out of their hands and watch some MACtion! MAC football is so the funnest, wackiest, no name mid major football you’ll see. Just good ole boys from the Midwest that enjoy playing football.


What did you do on Tuesday? Go ahead and do that again.


This is actually the most jam packed day of the week. There’s football at all levels on this glorious day. Like high school football? Most large districts with multiple high schools have games on Thursday night that is even broadcasted on local TV. Like college football? ESPN & FS1 shows Thursday Night Primetime games every Thursday starting with Tulsa @ Oklahoma State on the 31st. Like pro football? NFL Network shows Thursday Night Football games every Thursday, not to mention the Thanksgiving day feast we get when the Cowboys and Lions play.


I could tell you how some college games are on Friday nights, but unless you’re watching Tech @ UT the day after Thanksgiving, Fridays are reserved for High School Football. Go out to the closest football stadium and watch teenagers and fans with true passion play the game we love. For some that could be the Lubbock High Westerners, for me currently it’s the Bellaire High Cardinals. Another option is traveling down memory lane and going to your old high school and watching your alma mater play. Nothing will make you say “back in my day” more than watching kids you used to baby sit put pads on.


Wake up early, grab the grill, the face paint, the flag, and be prepared. Make sure to look at your local listings to find the right time and right channel. Invite all your friends over. Or go to the bar with every other person smart enough to root on the greatest program in America. Or show up on campus and don’t be the guy that comes empty handed to the tailgate. Get ready to watch THE Texas Tech Red Raiders lay the smack down on some unsuspecting victim. We WILL go 15-0 by the power invested in me, and let everyone at the victory tower shout Wreck Em!